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Am I oh too cute


Name: Jessica
Sex: Female
Birthday: February 2nd, 1989
Age: 15
Single/taken: single.
Height: 5'5
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Do you smoke? Nope
Do you do drugs? Nope
Teen pregnancy:
I think that girls that dont keep their legs shut, deserve to be pregnant and deserves to have a dose of reality and have to take care of a baby that she got pregnant with by choice

What are your feelings about the president?:
I personally like President Bush. Alot of people don't, but I'm proud to be a republican and he is our president so we might as well support him.

I am PROCHOICE. It is a woman's right to chose wether or not she wants to have an abortion or not. It's the USA and we are free to do what we want.

I'm not into them but I'm also not out there telling every kid who is into it, not to do it. If you wanna ruin your life, go for it.


Just questions~

Name 5 of your favorite bands/singers:
1. The Used
2. Atreyu
3. Taking Back Sunday
4. Saosin
5. Blink-182

What bands/singers do you dislike: None...

Tell us something that is important in your life right now and explain why (If you can, post a picture):
My mom becuase me and her have been through EVERYTHING together and I know that I couldnt live without her. (cheesy huh?)

Post a picture of your trademark or favorite thing:

The Used ♥

Name some of your favorite foods and drinks:
Drinks- Peppermint Mocha Frappachino, Monster Energy
Foods- Anything Mexican

What sports, if any, do you play?
I dont play any, but I LOVE football.

whats your favorite word? schwing

Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?
I just recently died my hair brown. I used to be a blondie.


Promote us to 2 communitys or people and post the link:

Who referred you to this community?
No one did, I was just looking around and I found it.

Why should you be a member?
I should be a member becuase I am oooohhh too cute!
And I like to update alot and comment on everything. =]

Post 3 or more pictures of yourself:

That's me a long time ago...

That's from about halfway through freshman year.

This was taken last wednesday, with my new BROWN hair. =D

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